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Raju Swamy

 Advisor to Family Business

A pioneer in Family Business Consulting in India, Raju Swamy has been into Management Consulting to Family Business for over 33 Years through PROMAG Consultancy Services founded by him in 1985. Initially, the consulting practice  started with generic business-related strategic planning and operational management issues. However, over time, since most clients were Family Businesses, Raju Swamy began to notice and understand  that relationship and other issues from within the Family had a significant influence on the management and decision-making process within the Family Business itself.

Since then, with every new client, appreciation and understanding of the dynamics of Family and Business and Business and Family has multiplied significantly. Factual exposure combined with intuitive reasoning, based on productive experience in the face of one-of-kind-challenges, kindled a passion that has made Raju Swamy obsessively pursue solutions to Family Business challenges in areas of Structure, Strategy, Governance, Trust, Ownership, Management, Professionalization, Continuity, Succession, Growth, and Perpetuation of the Family Business. The Family Constitution has naturally evolved where the desire to stay together is strong once the other variables begin to fall in place.

Again and again, Raju’s experience has shown that in a Family Business, Growth is the primary key to peace and perpetuation of the Family Business, and equally, Stagnation promotes conflict and disintegration.

Raju Swamy

Clients have come from diverse industry segments, including Chemicals, Automotive, Incense sticks, leather goods export, agro-industry products, jewelry, electrical engineering, IT, and many others.

Added assets to Raju’s learning have been that prior to his consulting career he worked for over 18 years with a very reputed family-promoted but professionally run Business Group in the Automobile Components Industry. He joined them as a Management Trainee soon after passing out with an MBA from the first batch of IIMC (IIM Calcutta), in 1966. His career spanned Marketing, Sales, Projects, HR, and he was Country Head of Marketing for the entire Group at the time of leaving in 1983. He also worked very closely with the Group Chairman in the New Projects and HR areas.

Raju’s awareness about issues of Family Business has also been enhanced to a large extent by his ‘in person’ learning exposure to Prof. John Ward during Prof. Ward’s presentations and resulting debates at the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Annual Family Business Conventions for nearly 15 years between 2000 and 2014. Prof. Ward is considered a leading authority on Family Business Governance, across the world.

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