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Startups and SMEs

Accelerating business growth for Startups and SMEs

PROMAG reviews business assumptions to help create strategies for our clients to grow, structure the organization, optimize their operations and improve profitability.

Our business planning consulting services help you with building your business plan, identifying and assessing new market growth opportunities, structure your organization to achieve scale and improve your processes. Using our customized advisory approach we can help you set performance targets, prioritize investments and execute the business plan with confidence.

Business strategy and planning

We help translate data-driven activities such as competitive analysis, market sizing and customer perspectives into actionable and sustainablebusiness strategies. We assess the size of each opportunity available to a client, as well as their ability to capture that growth.

Market analysis and entry strategy

Achieving growthincludes exploring new market opportunities such as the expansion into new geographies, the identification of new partners, the targeting of new customer segments, or even the creation of new product categories and services. We assist clients in exploring those opportunities and help address gaps efficiently to fully capture that market opportunity.

Strategic Project Management

We assist clients in managing of complex projects and strategic initiatives that have a significant impact on stakeholders external and internal to the organization. We combine business strategy and project management techniques in order to implement the business strategy and to deliver organizational breakthroughs.

Operations and process improvement

PROMAG assists clients in driving their continuous effort to improve processes and performance of business functions in order to succeed in today’s environment of change and challenge. Promag works with clients to assess processes, lower costs, and set up sustainable programs that achieve dependable outcomes.

Structuring the organization for growth

We assist clients in developing a functional organization structure which can provide the rigidity necessary to sustain focused growth while motivating each employee to work in a role that maximizes the company’s chances for continued success.

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